African Bidet - Cleanliness is next to Godliness
Cleanliness is next to Godliness
Self Cleaning Bidet Toilet
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Africa Bidet @ R599
We deliver all over South Africa @ R99

About us

Here at Africa Bidet we strive to evolve the hygiene culture in Africa to the standard of hygiene that is enjoy by thousands in European and Asian countries. Our vision is to have a bidet in every toilet in Africa at an affordable price and to be the preferred supplier of choice for everyone.

What is Africa Bidet?

A Bidet is essentially a water fountain such that one has running water for proper cleaning after pooping.
Current bidets available in South Africa take up an additional amount of space in the bathroom equivalent to the toilet bowl and has thus traditionally been the reserve of the wealthy.
The Africa Bidet offers the same feature as a tradition bidet but is combined into the toilet bowl, by fitting neatly under the toilet seat, thereby saving the space required
by the traditional bidet.


The Only Bidet Suited for Africa.

D.I.Y. installation

No electricity or
batteries needed

Single nozzle
(self-cleaning function)

water pressure

Silver brass
internal control valve

braided water hose

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